Normal rates: Other rates:
Boss rates:
RateXp = 4.00
RateSp = 4.00 
RatePartyXp = 1.00  
RatePartySp = 1.00   
RateDropAdena = 5.00     
RateConsumableCost = 1.00       
RateDropItems = 4.00
RateDropSealStones = 2.00
RateDropSpoil = 5.00
RateDropManor = 4.00
RateDropQuest = 4.00
RateQuestsReward = 4.00
Quest item exchange reward rate
is retail-like to what ever is set by
quest specifications.
(not rate drop * rate reward)  
RateKarmaExpLost = 1.00
RateSiegeGuardsPrice = 1.00
Buff slots: 24 + 6

Grand Boss:
AdenaBoss = 2.00
ItemBoss = 1.00

Raid Boss:
AdenaRaid = 2.00
ItemsRaid = 1.00
Raid Minions:
AdenaMinon = 2.00
ItemsMinon = 1.00

NO DONATIONS, no Coins, no gift cards or any other kind of b*sht effecting the game.

Mana drug with 5 sec delay, accessable via Medal Event that all mobs drop.

Champion mobs feature.

Experience gain ON/OFF function. Use voice commands .expoff and .expon to enable them.

Oly, TW sieges , TvT, DM, CTF and all the other common goodies/features automated.

!Shout and +Trade chats are global, available after level 15.

Scheme Buffer in major towns, available after level 20.

Offline shops, available after level 20. To set up offline shop use voice command .offline or simply exit the game.

Teleport is free for Newbie characters till level 39.

Class Manager in Town of Gludin. (Please note: The service is pricy, it's not meant to be for a first Main Novice characters, its intentions are made for easier second box making at later stages, when adena farming is on high levels, or Clan sponsorship).

Gaia Crystals - a special item symbolising our server that all mobs drop. Obtainalbe only in game. Used as a in-game side currency for several special goods that only crystals buy.

Running special Events and ever changing  along the seasons.

Good to know: Blessed enchat scrolls have a slightly better chance of success.

Server has a gold bar system currency exchange for your convenience, if greater amounts need to be stored.

SSD and BssD are available at Npc, but pricy on purpose: it’s for emergency only, if one has no other options at all at the time. The price is up high enough so that the regular dwarfies, who likes to play market game, have plenty of headroom to make profit of crafting and selling them themselves.

Accounts are auto-created, simply download Gaia updater, place it into your L2 root folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Lineage II), run the Updater for full file checks and join the game.

For those still using windows 7, use this MEGA link to download engine.dll file and copy-replace the  file inside system folder.